B.I.M. ‘Building Information Model’  

We highly recommend B.I.M. for future proofing your project, there are many advantages to creating a 3D digital model of your building.

Floor plans, Elevations and Cross Sections can be extracted from the B.I.M. data into a format that you or your architect or designer will be able to work with.   

Level of Detail (LOD)  


Suitable for massing. No windows or openings, services or design detail shown at this level 

LOD 2 

Detail will include major structural components and openings in the building including floor slabs, columns, beams and structural openings of doors and windows in a basic form. No services, architectural detailing or furnishings will be modeled. This is level of detail is suitable for very basic design and more suited to planning and rights of light calculations.  

LOD 3 

LOD 3 is deemed to be the “typical” level of detail which will be provided by the survey in the absence of an instruction to the contrary. It includes doors, windows and other basic family types to the model. Major services can be modelled in outline form. Fixed furnishings and fittings can be modelled in simplified form by request. The model will be developed sufficiently to show enough detail to generate 1:50 or 1:100 scale survey plans, sections and elevations.   

 LOD 4 

Major and minor services can be modelled and there can be a higher level of detail in families and fixed furnishings. An LOD 4 model will additionally contain detailed architectural and structural elements to include skirting, architraves, rails and heaters or significant surface finishes. LOD 4 is akin to the detailing typically shown on a 1:50 or even 1:20 survey were specified in places. On discussion, we can provide individual structural, architectural and MEP Revit® models ( Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Models ).  



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