Land Surveys

Mapping topography may include detail on, above and below the ground. The purpose of the survey will affect the way we survey the site and the equipment we use.

We have categorised land surveying into six typical services. Contact us for more information. 

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Topographical Survey

‘graphical representation of land and its relief’

Typically required by – Property developers, Self-builders, Architects, Estate Managers, Garden Designers.

The level of detail depends on the reason for the survey, typically the scale of the drawing indicates the level of detail and accuracy.

  • 1 – 100 scale for high detail & accuracy c.5mm
  • 1 – 500 scale for medium detail, accuracy c.20mm
  • 1 – 1,000 for large mapping projects i.e. quarries

Arboricultural Surveys (Tree surveys)

Typically required by – Property developers, Self-builders, Architects, Estate managers, Garden Designers.

We provide tree constraints plans, surveys for tree and root protection plans, and tree mapping showing information species, height, girth, and condition.

River & Flood Mapping

Typically required by – Property developers, Local authorities, Architects, Landscape Architects, Estate Managers.

Normally part of a topographical survey, the river survey will include cross and long sections at set intervals of the water course. The survey will indicate water depths, structures and the surrounding land.

Example below. Click to enlarge.

Drainage and Buried Services Survey

Typically required by – Property developers, Local authorities, Architects, Landscape Architects, Estate managers, etc.

Below topography runs the hidden services that often need to be mapped. We use many techniques for locating buried services including Ground Penetrating Radar (G.P.R.)

A sites drainage system (foul water & storm water) is accessible through the inspection chambers and the key information; depth, pipe size, and direction of flow can be shown on a topographical plan along with all the information derived from the G.P.R survey.

The G.P.R survey will show buried cables, pipes, voids, reinforcement, ducts, etc.

G.P.R. Ground Penetrating Radar

Example below. Click to enlarge.

Boundary Survey

We provide boundary surveys for:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Conveyancing
  • Dividing up land
  • Cadastral mapping

Typically required by – Home Owners, Land Buyers, Property Developers, Estate Managers, Conveyancing Solicitors.

Boundaries can shift over time, sometimes naturally, sometimes deliberately. You may have land you want to sub-divide or sell, or simply check where your new fence should be erected.

The techniques for determining boundary positions are often complex, but it tends to boil down to a combination of logic, geometry, historical information and an understanding of Land Registry documents.

  • We can help with registering your land parcels with the Land Registry.
  • Act as an ‘expert witness’.
  • Mediate between neighbours (often disputes are resolved by simply talking).
  • Collaborate with your neighbours’ surveyor to agree on a position.

Example below. Click to enlarge.


A site visit is required to discuss your boundary if you have a dispute or you require a boundary positioning relative to a Land Registry plan. We can not offer advice without seeing the boundary in question.

– Please call us to arrange a site visit –

Garden Surveys

Typically required by – Property owners, Garden Designers, Landscape Architects, Property developers, Estate Managers, Self-Builders.

It makes complete sense to start your design with an accurate plan that you can visualize your concepts on. Over the past 12 years, Wilmac has been working with award-winning garden designers so we have a lot of experience in identifying what you will need on your survey. Level changes are key to your design and these are conveyed with contour lines and cross sections. Key features like trees, building and structural elements will be incorporated into the design. Views and vistas all need to be considered when it comes to planning.

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